Hurricane Irma Continues to Strengthen Could Possibly Affect Southeastern US

Hurricane Irma has continually strengthened over the past few days and it will likely to continue to do so over the coming days.  Irma is now a category 3 storm and will likely become a category 4 storm tomorrow evening.  The direct impacts to the Southeastern US are currently unknown, but we will likely have a better idea by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The current track from the NHC puts the storm close to Cuba on Saturday.  The big question is what will happen to the storm after this 5 day period.  The current GFS and EURO models are trending towards a northerly turn on Saturday into Sunday, though the impacts to the Southeastern US will depend on when this sharp northerly turn happens.  We will continually monitor this storm over the coming days with daily updates through Wednesday, then we will provide multiple updates daily depending on the track of this storm.  Thanks for making us your #1 source for Severe Weather!

Hurricane Irma (8:00 AM AST Mon Sep 4)
Location: 16.8°N 52.6°W
Moving: WSW at 14 mph
Min pressure: 947 mb
Max sustained: 120 mph

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